Two convicted in Bihar’s Munger in AK-47 rifles case

A court in Bihar’s Munger on Wednesday convicted two persons in a case relating to the recovery of AK-47 assault rifles in the district in 2018.

Additional District Judge-7 Bipin Bihari Roy convicted Satyam and Irshad guilty of the case lodged in Kotwali police station, while acquitting 10 persons, including three women, due to lack of evidence.

The acquitted persons, however, are still not off the hook because 7 more FIRs have been registered against them in different police stations and the related cases are still pending in various courts. Six cases are lodged in different police stations in Bihar and Madhya Pradesh while one was lodged by the NIA.

The AK-47 recovery case surfaced in 2018 when Munger police managed to unearth 22 AK 47 rifles and its parts from vacant lands, wells, and drains. During investigation, it appeared that the weapons were stolen from a Central Ordnance Depot (COD) in Madhya Pradesh and the case made national headlines.

Following that, an army personnel, and two employees of COD were arrested by the security agencies. Based on information received from the arrested persons, Bihar and Jharkhand Police raided several places. Munger police managed to discover 22 AK 47 rifles from the places under Kotwali police station.

During investigation, it also appeared that 60 to 70 AK 47 rifles were stolen from COD and agencies had managed to recover only 22 AK 47 rifles. There is no clue about the remaining 40 to 50 AK 47 rifles.

Munger, a partially Maoist-affected district, is considered as hub of illegal arms factories in Bihar and it is infamous across the world due to illegal manufacturing and trade of arms and ammunitions. The mechanics of the illegal arms factories are reportedly so skilled that they can clone any sophisticated weapons within a few hours.




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