Two Delhi cops extort Rs 50L worth gold from two businessmen at IGI airport

Two Delhi Police personnel allegedly extorted gold worth Rs 50 lakh from two businessmen who had arrived at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport from Muscat and Qatar.

The matter was reported on Saturday while the extortion took place on December 20.

According to the information, both the police personnel have been placed under suspension and a case has been lodged against them.

Speaking with IANS, a police official who did not wish to be named, said that both the accused police personnel are of Head Constable rank.

Sources said the incident occurred on December 20. Two businessmen arrived at the IGI airport in two separate flights, one from Qatar and second from Muscat. They were having 400 and 600 gram gold with them.

“The Head constables knew about the gold. They took them to a corner on the pretext of searching. They asked about the gold and threatened the businessmen to lodge an FIR against them. The accused police personnel later told the businessmen that they would set them free if they hand over the gold and leave quietly,” a source said.

The victims were too petrified and handed over all the gold to the two policemen. One victim was from Hyderabad and another was from Nagore (Maharashtra).

On Saturday (December 24), they reached the IGI police station with their partners to report the matter. The police found that the gold actually belonged to the victims and it was taken away forcefully by the Head Constables. After this an FIR under section 384 (extortion) of Indian Penal Code (IPC) was filed against the two policemen.

“We have also initiated a departmental inquiry against them,” said the official.

Meanwhile, a Customs source said that stamp duty on the gold was not paid and customs will contact the fine from the two businessmen.

Further probe in the matter was on.

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