Two infiltration bids foiled in J&K’s Naushera sector in 48 hours: Army

Two major infiltration bids have been foiled in the last 48 hours by alert troops deployed along the Line of Control (LoC) in the Naushera sector in Jammu and Kashmir, army officials said on Wednesday.

Army officials said that early on August 21, alert soldiers deployed in Jhangar area of Naushera spotted movement of two to three terrorists.

“One terrorist came close to the Indian post and tried cutting the fence, when he was challenged by alert sentries. The terrorist tried to flee, however, he was brought down by effective fire, incapacitating him.

“Two terrorists, who were hiding behind, fled the area by taking cover of dense jungle and broken ground. The injured Pakistani terrorist was captured alive and provided with immediate medical aid and lifesaving surgery was carried out,” an army official said.

The captured terrorist has revealed his identity as Tabarak Hussain, resident of Sabzkot village, district Kotli of Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

Army officials said on further interrogation, the terrorist confessed about their plan to attack the Indian army post.

“Tabarak Hussain stated that, he was sent by a Colonel of Pakistan Intelligence Agency named Col Yunus Chaudhry who had paid him (Pakistani) Rs 30,000. He also revealed that he, along with other terrorists, had carried two/three close recces of Indian forward posts with an aim to target them at an opportune time. The go ahead to target the Indian post was given by Col Yunus Chaudhry on August 21,” an army official said.

“Incidentally, the individual was earlier captured by Indian Army from the same sector in 2016 along with his brother Haroon Ali, and was repatriated on humanitarian grounds in November 2017.”

The army said in the second operation, on the night of August 22/23, a group of two to three terrorists tried to infiltrate in Lam area of Naushera.

“Our alert troops were able to observe the terrorists as they crossed the Line of Control and continuously monitored this movement. As they moved ahead into our mine fields, a series of mines got activated and two terrorists got eliminated on the spot. The other terrorists is possibly injured and is hiding in the area or has gone back taking advantage of the inclement weather and dense foliage,” an army official said.

“In the morning of August 23, a quadcopter was flown over the area and bodies of the two dead terrorists were observed. A deliberate operation was launched through the heavily-mined area and the bodies of the two terrorists have were recovered along with an AK-56, three magazines and a large quantity of ammunition and war like stores. As the area is heavily mined, the search operation is being carried out carefully and is still under progress. More recoveries in the area are expected.”

The army officials said that the two infiltration bids, in a short span of 48 hours, is a direct attempt by the adversary to disrupt the peace in Rajouri region.

“However, own troops deployed on the Line of Control remain alert to defeat any nefarious designs of the adversary,” an official said.




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