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Two Jaipur temples introduce dress code for devotees

For the first time in Jaipur, two temples in the Rajasthan state capital have introduced dress codes for devotees.

Management officials at the Jharkhand Mahadev temple and Sadashiv Jyotirlinga Mahadev temple have requested devotees to wear decent dresses and avoid wearing mini skirts and distressed jeans.

This is for the first time that a temple in the state capital has introduced a dress code for worshippers.

The famous Jharkhand Mahadev temple has placed a notice on its gate saying shorts, bermudas, mini skirt, jeans and frocks were not permitted in the temple premises.

“We hope that you all share cooperate in following Indian culture smoothly,” the notice says.

The Babbu Seth Memorial Trust president Jaiprakash Somani said this was just an advisory.

“We request all devotees to maintain discipline. There will be a Swayamsevak at the gate who will monitor if these advices were being followed.”

Meanwhile, the Sadashiv Jyotirlinga Mahadev temple has also placed a similar notice which says that devotees should wear traditional attire so that the religious sentiments of people are not affected.

Earlier this week, a poster asking for the implementation of dress code was put up at Udaipur’s oldest Shri Jagdish temple.

“All the devotees are informed that short T-shirts, short jeans, bermuda, mini skirts, night suits are banned in Shri Jagdish Mandir premises. Please take special care of this rule. If you do this, you will not be able to enter the temple,” it said.

However the state’s Devasthan Department got these posters removed on Thursday saying they were put up without permission.



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