Two leopard cubs rescued from farmland in Karnataka

Two leopard cubs that got separated from their mother were rescued by Karnataka Forest Department officials from farm land in a village in Mysuru district on Sunday, and sent to Bannerghatta National Park.

The cubs were found in the sugarcane farm belonging to Mahadevappa near Daaripura during the harvesting of the crop four days ago.

The villagers had contacted forest officials and asked them to shift the cubs. However, the forest officials advised them that the mother leopard would take them if they waited for two-three days. But, as the mother did not turn up, the forest officials have shifted the cubs.

Forest officials also asked the villagers not to wander in the area for another few days. The villagers have requested the officers to place a cage so as to trap the big cat if it returns.

Forest officer Malaiah said that the leopard gave birth to the cubs in the sugarcane farm 20 days ago, and the residents of Daaripura village brought this matter to their knowledge.

Another forest officer Arjun said: “We waited for the mother leopard to take away the cubs. Since, it did not turn up, according to instructions of Senior Forest Officer Kamala Karikalan and Zonal Officer Girish, the cubs have been shifted to the Bannerghatta National Park.”