Two youths electrocuted while plucking gooseberries in Gujarat’s Bhavnagar

Two youths died of electrocution while plucking gooseberries from a tree in this district of Gujarat, police said on Monday.

According to Gariyadhar police station investigation officer Hardevsinh, one Dipchand Jadav informed the police that his son Prince, alias Kanha, and his friend Mehul Khasiya died of electrocution.

The officer said that the incident occurred on Sunday evening, when Kanha and Mehul were plucking gooseberries from a tree in the Pachhegam road. They accidently came in contact with a live electricity live wire and died on the spot.

Police were informed about the incident around 7.30 p.m and they sent the bodies for post-mortem to the Gariyadhar government hospital.

The case is registered as an accidental death and investigation is underway.




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