Two youths surrender in TN over killing of blackmailer

Two youths surrendered before the Tiruvallur police in Tamil Nadu in connection with the murder of a 21-year-old college student, who had allegedly blackmailed two class 10 girls, and exhorted money from them.

Premkumar, the alleged college student had entered into a relationship with two class 10 girls with whom he was friends on social media platforms. The girls, who are close friends and classmates, did not know that the alleged accused was in relationship with both of them.

He threatened both the girls that he would upload photographs with them on social media if they don’t give him money and allegedly extorted Rs 1,00,000 from them. Later, the girls came to know that Premkumar was extracting money from both of them and was asking them for more.

The girls contacted their friend Ashok whom they had befriended through a social media and requested him to help catch hold of the mobile phone of Premkumar and erase their objectionable photographs.

Police said the muder came to light when villagers of Eachangadu in Tiruvallur found human hair, bloodied teeth which led them to a body buried in a desolate place. The investigation of Premkumar’s body and his mobile phone which the police seized from his body traced the details of the two girls and on questioning, the girls spilled the details about Ashok.

A senior Tiruvallur police official, who is part of the investigating team, told IANS that Ashok asked the girls to lure Premkumar to an isolated place and when he reached there he was kidnapped and taken to another place.

Police said that Ashok with the help of three other accomplices — Levin, Jagannathan and Stephen — took Premkumar to an isolated place and murdered him. The police officials said the interrogation of both Ashok and Levin would lead to more clues regarding the murder and both Jagannathan and Stephen have been absconding.




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