UK Parliament to reopen after local elections

The UK Parliament is set to reopen on Tuesday after last week’s local elections in England, Scotland and Wales.

The new session will be formally opened by Queen Elizabeth II, in line with British tradition, dpa news agency.

During the ceremony, she delivers what is known as “The Queen’s Speech”, an outline of all the legislation the government wishes to debate and pass during the next few months.

It is usually extravagant, with the Queen wearing full regal robes, a crown and arriving at Parliament in a carriage.

However, this year will be more pared-down, because coronavirus guidelines require the event be smaller and less grand.

That means she is expected to show up wearing a day dress, a hat and arrive in a car, rather than in a carriage.

The Queen will also be accompanied by her eldest son, Prince Charles.

It is the first major public event undertaken by Queen since the death of her husband, Prince Philip, last month.

Around 100 people will attend this year, rather than the usual 600, due to social-distancing restrictions.

This year’s speech is expected to focus on helping the nations recover following the pandemic.

The government wants to introduce a new flexible loan for people aged 16 and over to help them retrain if they change jobs and do not want to go to university.

Other legislations include the environment bill, which will set legally binding environmental targets, and also the re-introduction of the controversial police, crime, sentencing and courts bill, which will give the police more powers to tackle protesters.