UK study finds new symptoms related to Covid-19


A study published by the Imperial College London has found some new symptoms, including chills, loss of appetite, headache and muscle aches, related to the novel coronavirus.

Based on a survey of more than 1 million people between June 2020 and January 2021, the study said the new symptoms were in addition to the “classic” symptoms of the virus which are already included in the National Health Service (NHS) guidance, such as fever, new persistent cough, loss of sense of smell and/or taste, reports Xinhua news agency.

There was some variation in symptoms depending on age, but chills were associated with Covid-19 across all age groups, said the study released by the REACT (Real-time Assessment of Community Transmission) team at the Imperial College London.

The more symptoms people showed, the more likely they were infected by the virus, it further revealed.

However, around 60 per cent of infected people did not report any symptoms at all in the week leading up to their test, according to the research.

The study comes as the overall coronavirus case tally in the UK has increased to 3,996,833 as of Thursday morning, while the death toll stood at 115,068.

The country’s infection tally is currently the fourth highest in the world after the US, India and Brazil, while the death toll is the fifth largest after the US, Brazil, Mexico and India.

So far, more than 12.6 million people in the UK have received the first jab of the coronavirus vaccine.