UK unveils 50p rainbow coin for 50th anniversary of the Pride UK movement


The Royal Mint of Britain has unveiled a special rainbow coloured 50 pence coin on Wednesday, May 18, to commemorate the 50th anniversary celebration of the Pride UK movement.

The coin has been designed by LGBTQ+ activist and east London artist, Dominique Holmes who used state-of-the-art print technology to emboss the colours of the Pride progress flag on the 50p coin.

The Director of Marketing and Communication for Pride in London, Asad Shaykh said, “It humbles me greatly that the words that I coined for the brand – protest, visibility, unity and equality – will be on an actual coin, opposite the queen.”

He further added, “This queer brown immigrant has come a long way, powered by hope, love and this city. Nowhere in the world had this been possible, except the UK. Pride in London feels very proud today.”

The coin honours the anniversary of the very first official Pride UK event, which was held on 1 July 1972, and it is the first to be dedicated to Britain’s LGBTQ+ community. The community gets to be celebrated on a UK coin for the first time.

This commemorative 50p, which is around $0.62, will not enter circulation in the country but it will be available for online purchase. Currently $1 equals 0.8061 pounds).

This commemorative coin has been designed through a collaboration between the Royal Mint and the Pride in London. Along with launching the coin, a donation will also be made to the London LGBTQ+ community.


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