U’khand: Two pradhans, BDC member quit after birth of third child

Two pradhans and a BDC member had to resign after the birth of a third child. Representatives with three children are ineligible for the post of pradhan, BDC and are disqualified according to the notification implemented during the 2019 panchayat elections.

In October, the government asked for a list of such seats whose representatives had more than two children, to remove them from their positions.

The village pradhan was elected in the 2019 elections in Selta chapar of Lamgara block in Almora, and had given birth to a third child this year.

She resigned soon after on August 12.

In Lal Nagari of Syalde block, the pradhan resigned as she gave birth to her third child in 2019.

The BDC member elected in 2019 in Dol village of the district, resigned on July 22 after having a third child.

By-elections will be held for the vacant seats.

Gopal Singh Adhikari, DPRO, Almora, said that it was necessary for a representative to resign after the birth of a third child.

In 2021, an Assembly member was removed after the birth of a third child.




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