UN Command passes 86 messages to N.Korea via direct communication line

The US-led UN Command (UNC) said on Friday that it passed a total of 86 messages to North Korea through a round-the-clock communication line throughout this year.

In Facebook posts, the Command catalogued a series of activities it has carried out this year, including the processing of over 10,000 requests for access to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) separating the two Koreas, reports Yonhap News Agency.

The UNC oversees activities in the southern portion of the DMZ.

“UNC maintained a 24/7/365 line-of-communication with #KPA counterparts throughout the year. Using the storied ‘pink phone’, we passed 86 messages and held twice-daily line checks for timely & meaningful information exchange,” the command posted on Facebook.

KPA refers to the North’s Korean People’s Army.

On the processing of access requests, the UNC said that it approved 98.57 per cent of them.

“This review process is essential for validating the safety & security of personnel and for ensuring adherence to standing agreements with the #KoreanPeoplesArmy,” it said.

The Command also said that it conducted 36 armistice compliance inspections of front-line units across the DMZ and northwestern border islands this year.

It is currently led by Gen. Paul LaCamera who also leads the South Korea-US Combined Forces Command and the US Forces Korea.




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