UN, IOC release stamps to commemorate Tokyo Olympics


The United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) has in partnership with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) created a series of stamps to commemorate the Tokyo Olympic Games and to highlight sport’s contribution to peace around the world.

The six stamp sheets feature the Olympic sports of sailing, baseball, judo, diving, equestrian and golf, the IOC informed in a report on its official website.

The souvenir sheets feature the Olympic rings and a dove of peace with the slogan “Sport for peace” in English, French and German, with the following text: “The United Nations and the International Olympic Committee share the universal values of respect, solidarity and peace and work through sport to build a more peaceful and better world. Together, they promote the Olympic Truce, in a spirit of global peace, tolerance and understanding during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

The stamps will be released on July 23 to celebrate the start of the Olympic Games, and can be obtained via the official unstamps.org website.

The United Nations Postal Administration was set up in 1951 after an agreement with the United States postal authorities was reached in 1951. The first United Nations stamps were issued in US dollar denominations on United Nations Day, October 24, in 1951.