UN official urges transparent probe into Beirut blasts

Najat Rochdi, a UN special coordinator for Lebanon, has urged for a swift and transparent investigation into the August 2020 Port of Beirut blasts which killed over 200 people.

“A swift, credible and transparent investigation that ensures full accountability is the only way for those affected by this tragedy, and for Lebanon, to start to heal,” Rochdi tweeted on Saturday after her meeting with families of the firefighters who were killed in the blasts.

Two huge explosions ripped through the Port of Beirut on August 4, 2020, killing about 200 people, injuring at least 6,000 others and leaving 300,000 homeless, reports Xinhua news agency.

A big part of the Lebanese capital was destroyed in the disaster.

Investigations pointed to the roughly 500 tonnes of ammonium nitrate left at the port as the cause of the explosions.

The Lebanese, especially families of the victims, are still waiting for justice now, and continue to call for accountability as no one has been sentenced yet in connection to the explosions.