Unable to bear insult, college student ends life in Chennai

First-year student of M.A. at Presidency College, Chennai, M. Kumar ended his life by jumping before a double-decker train after sending an audio message to his friends and family, stating that he did not want to live a life given as alms by the students of Pachiyappa’s college who used to insult him.

Police said that there were regular clashes between students of the colleges during travel by train and bus and recently, students of Presidency College, Chennai staged a rail roko near Avadi and Hindu College railway stations as Railway Protection Force personnel detained a student after a passenger pulled the chain for celebrating his birthday on the train by cutting cake.

According to police, Kumar, 21, had sent an audio message to his family and friends stating that he was unable to bear the insult meted out by the students of Pachiyappa’s college, Chennai and that he did not want to live a life given as alms by the rival students.

He apologised to his mother and friends and the audio clip ended with the rumblings of a train.

Kumar, who returned home after attending classes on Tuesday afternoon, told his mother that he has to attend a wedding and will come back home late.

Initially, Kumar’s family and friends dismissed the audio clip, but when he did not return home till Wednesday morning and search was conducted, police found his body on the railway track.

Thiruninravur police, which is investigating the case said that Kumar jumped before the double-decker train around 8.40 p.m., a few metres from the Thiruninravur railway station.

Police have detained some students of Pachiyappa’s college and are investigating the reason for Kumar’s death.




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