Unclaimed bag in Delhi-bound train triggers panic, no explosives found (2nd Ld)

An unattended bag, found inside a local train en route to Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station from Haryana, triggered panic on Monday morning.

“An unattended bag, from which fumes were emanating, was found inside a coach of Kurukshetra Hazrat Nizamuddin passenger train No. 04406 which briefly led to a panic situation,” DCP Railways Harendra Singh told IANS.

Subsequently, the train was stopped at Adarsh Nagar railway station and a Bomb Disposal Squad informed.

“The bag was then thrown out of the train and on searching, no incriminating material was recovered,” the senior official said, adding that the fumes were possibly due to the friction of nails inside it. The bag might possibly belong to some labourer or carpenter as there were some tools, clothes and nails inside it, he said.

The DCP said that it was not like a traveller’s bag, rather a simple bag that labourers usually carry. “When we threw it outside the train, it automatically tore apart and we saw that it contained nothing suspicious,” the official added.

Meanwhile, Delhi Police spokesperson Suman Nalwa said that initially they had received an information regarding a fire inside the coach of the train at 10.20 a.m. “A bag and a red colour small pouch along with a small container were kept in the coach. The potli (bag) containing nails caught fire and about 2 kg of nails were found in it,” she informed.

Nalwa further said that some passengers threw the bag out of the train and nails were collected by the staff at Adarsh Nagar Railway station. “The bag contained worn cloth whereas the container contained liquid used by carpenters,” the senior official said, adding that the matter is being inquired.

Delhi has always remained a target for anti-social elements and around 6 Kg Improvised Explosive Device, containing RDX & Ammonium Nitrate, were recovered twice in the months of January and February.




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