Understanding and co-existence between humans and lions has saved Gir forest’s wildlife

An alleged video has gone viral where several people of Vadviyara village in Amreli district of Gujarat are seen chasing away a lion at night.

The lion in this video is three to four years old and is seen atop the roof of a house in the village.

Rajdeepsinh Jhala, Deputy Conservator of Forests, Gir (east) Forest area, was contacted by IANS to check the authenticity of the video.

He said the alleged video is two months old, however, no legal action has been taken against any local resident over this incident.

Jhala said the wildlife of Gir has survived only because of the understanding and co-existence between human beings and lions in the area.

Lion sightings are common in villages around the Gir forest as they are often seen hunting pigs or other stray animals.

However, with the widespread use of social media, people are flocking to the forest taking photos and making videos, seeing lions in their villages.

Asked about the awareness campaigns regarding lions in the villages around the Gir forest, the Deputy Conservator said the people near the forest are familiar to lions. However, he says the forest authorities regularly organise nature education camps to create awareness among the young generation about lions.

“We put up signages at various places in the villages along the forest area and also print brochures to inform the people of the surrounding villages about the Wildlife Act as well as publicise information in local newspapers and television channels.”




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