Undertrial attempts suicide inside Lucknow jail, dies at hospital

A 32-year-old undertrial, who had allegedly attempted suicide inside jail and was rushed to the hospital here, died later during treatment.

Family members of the deceased Rahul alias Nutan Giri, staged a demonstration, accusing the police and doctors of negligence.

Rahul was sent to Lucknow jail on the charges of murder and kidnapping on September 9.

Senior Superintendent of Jail, Ashish Tiwari said, “Rahul tied a noose around his neck with the help of a towel (gamcha) and jumped from the stairs of the first floor of the barrack. Rahul was immediately rushed to jail hospital after untying him from the noose. He was given CPR and other lifesaving medicines/injections and his condition became stable. The doctors treated him, and his condition improved. But a few hours later, he died.”

His brothers Rohit and Pankaj, and his wife Nandani and other family members were informed. They reached the hospital and started protest.

They alleged that Rahul was murdered in jail and created ruckus following which Rohit was taken into custody.

However, he was released late on Saturday night.




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