Union Minister Ashwini Chaubey’s brother die, family blames hospital in Bhagalpur

Younger brother of Union Minister Ashwini Kumar Chaubey has died after suffering a heart attack in Mayaganj hospital in Bhagalpur district of Bihar, sources said on Saturday.

However, the family claimed that there were no doctors in the ICU ward of the hospital where he was admitted.

Nirmal Chaubey complained of heart attack on Friday night and was immediately rushed to a hospital where he was admitted in the ICU. As per Chandan Chaubey, the deceased’s relative, no doctor was present in the ICU and that the nurses were managing it.

“He complained of pain in the heart and vomited blood. We immediately rushed him to the hospital where he remained in the ICU for two hours and succumbed due to lack of treatment. Despite giving the union minister’s reference, the staff did nothing. When a union minister’s brother can meet this fate here, the plight of the common man can be imagined,” Chandhan said.

When Nirmal Chaubey’s family members created a ruckus, the doctors fled from the hospital.

Responding to the allegations, Dr Asim Kumar Das, the hospital superintendent said: “Senior doctors at the hospital had administered medicines and shifted him to the ICU. But there was no doctor present in the ICU. We have suspended two doctors for their absence in the hospital.

Ajay Kumar Chaudhary, the SP of Bhagalpur said, “We have not received any complaint so far. We will take action after a complaint is logded.”




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