New Delhi, Jan 11 (IANS) Even the best employees find themselves in need of excuses to skip work sometimes. If you’re wondering how to skip work and not get into trouble, you should prepare well before applying for leave as sometimes the wrong strategy can backfire.

Recently, a woman’s attempt to convince her boss that she couldn’t get to work because she had a flat tyre ended badly, with the image making her a laughing stock on internet.

The attempt rebounded as the pictures sent by her looked morphed. It sparked theories on internet as to ‘how hard is it to google a tyre with a nail in it’, while another said ‘she was in such a hustle that she took the first images of a tyre and a nail from google and put them together.’

A co-worker of the woman shared the image on Twitter and wrote, “My co-worker called in (yet again) and said she had a nail on her tyre that caused her to have a flat. I need everyone to stop what they’re doing and zoom in to the nail in the picture she sent to my boss.”

The tweet went viral, leading to some hilarious jokes, memes and sarcasm on Twitter.

A Twitterati wrote, “If this is the best she can do, then she needs to be fired.”

A Tweeple posted an image of what a tyre punctured by nail actually looks like and wrote, “If anybody needs this picture for work or something feel free to use it.”

“So here is the thing… my dog ate my thesis. Can you guys help me,” added another.

A post read, “She literally used the first image that came up when u ask ‘how to fix a tire with a nail’…Lmao.”




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