‘Unjustified’: VCK leader Thirumavalavan lashes out against ban on rally

VCK founder-leader Thol Thirumavalavan on Friday lashed out against the DMK-led Tamil Nadu government’s decision to ban his party rally on October 2.

The Dalit leader and MP said that the VCK and the left parties, CPI and CPI-M, which were together to hold the rally against the RSS, were political parties and not following the sectarian politics of RSS.

Speaking to reporters here on Friday, Thirumavalavan, however, welcomed the ban on the RSS march of October 2. He said that he would accept the fear expressed by the state government that allowing the RSS to carry out ‘route marches’ in 50 places immediately after the ban inflicted on the Popular Front of India (PFI) could lead to law and order issues.

He said that while the VCK and the left parties participate in democratic elections, the RSS was not like them and was spreading hate and fascism in the society.

Thirumavalavan said: “The state government considers both PFI and the RSS as religious organizations. However, the decision to disallow the rally planned by the VCK and the left parties for social harmony is really shocking.”

He said that several other political parties and democratic organisations had expressed their support for the rally and said that these organizasions were not religious and were not spreading hate among the people of the state.




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