Unpaid protesting Delhi doctors threatened with termination notice


Unpaid for the last three months, the medical staff, including senior and junior doctors, and nursing staff of the East Delhi Municipal Corporation-run Swami Dayanand hospital have been threatened with termination of their services if they continue with their protest over pending salaries.

“In view of the prevailing health situation of Covid pandemic, all the junior residents and senior residents are hereby directed to join back their duty by 9 a.m. on February 3, 2022. Otherwise, we will be forced to terminate your services and appoint new JR/SR. This is essential to run the basic health services in the hospital,” reads an office order of the hospital.

The medical staff of the EDMC-run hospital have been protesting over their demands of immediate release of pending salary from February 1. All the services, including emergency, have been stopped in the hospital.

Talking to IANS, Dr Atul Jain, RDA President of the hospital said, “We are asking for our rights only. We don’t have any demands from the administration. We have asked for updated salary release and written assurance of regularisation of monthly salary and all pending arrears.” Dr Jain said that we have battled the worst Covid waves, but we are not even getting paid our rightful compensation of our salaries.

“The EDMC Commissioner has assured us two months’ salary by April, which is totally unacceptable. By April, another four months’ salary will be due. We have left with no choice but to protest for our rights”, Dr Jain added further.

He said that the issue of salary payments was raised with the hospital administration several times but it was never addressed.

The Federation of All India Medical Association (FIAMA) also has supported the doctors’ protest. “Corona Warriors of Swami Dayanand Hospital Delhi which is run by MCD are protesting against administration for their basic rights. They haven’t received their salary for past 4 Months”, said FIAMA in a tweet.



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