Untold stories of popular daily soaps to find a life on ‘Ankahee Dastaan’

Iconic television characters aren’t just any characters; they are a craze, they are phenomenal! Watching them back on-screen will always be a delight for any TV aficionado. And this is what the audience will see in ‘Ankahee Dastaan’. It will bring one movie featuring favourite characters and untold stories of popular TV shows.

Producers like Gul Khan (4 Lions Films) and others will bring forth the well-known faces of television back on the small screen one more time for the audience.

Excited about her collaboration Gul Khan says: “Revisiting the stories of iconic characters, bringing them back to life one more time to tell the untold tale is something which I have never done. But I love challenges since they induce you to learn, grow and keep evolving.”

“This October, my team and I will bring forth the untold tale of a few such iconic characters for viewers. We look forward to this partnership with Star Plus, a channel we’ve done some great work with, and hope to continue building a mutually beneficial and fulfilling long-term association with the entire team,” she concludes.

‘Ankahee Dastaan’ will bring forth untold stories of most famous characters from different shows starting from October on Star Plus.