UP cleric hails HC suggestion on making cow national animal


Well known Sunni cleric and All India Muslim Personal Law Board member Maulana Khalid Rashid Farangi Mahali has strongly supported the Allahabad High Court’s suggestion to make cow India’s national animal.

The Maulana said that Muslims whole-heartedly support the court’s suggestion and respect sentiments of the Hindu brothers. He said that this would foster unity and peace in the country.

“The high court’s suggestion to name the cow India’s national animal is welcome. The court is also correct in observing that even during the Mughal rule there was a ban on cow slaughter,” he said.

The Maulana further said, “Mughal emperor Babur had given two pieces of advice to his son Humayun. One was to respect Hindu sentiments and the other was to not allow cow slaughter. This was followed by all Mughal rulers who came after Humayun. The Mughals allowed people of all faiths and religions to have equal rights on their religious rituals and practices which is why there was never a religious fight between the people at that time.”

He also recalled the role of Lucknow clerics in dissuading people from cow slaughter and said that during the freedom struggle, a fatwa had been issued by Maulana Bari banning cow slaughter on Bakrid.

“Even now, no cleric advocates cow slaughter in India and people are encouraged to respect religious sentiments,” he added.