UP clerics seek FIR against Waseem Rizvi


Shia clerics in Lucknow have demanded an FIR against Shia Waqf Board member Waseem Rizvi for hurting religious sentiments of Muslims.

A delegation, led by general secretary of Majlis-e-Ulama-e-Hind, Maulana Kalbe Jawad, met Lucknow police commissioner D.K. Thakur on Monday night and demanded an FIR.

The clerics demanded that the Quran version with 26 verses removed by Rizvi and posted on social media be taken off the platforms without delay.

Recently, Rizvi had filed a petition in the Supreme Court, seeking removal of 26 verses from the Quran which, he claimed, are violent in nature.

He has also compiled a “correct version of the Quran” removing the said verses and changing its order.

Rizvi’s first petition on the issue was dismissed by the apex court and he was fined Rs 50,000.

“The compilation has now been posted on social media to create riots and chaos. It has angered all Muslims as the Quran cannot be tampered with. It should be taken off social media immediately and an FIR be lodged against Rizvi,” said the Maulana.

Meanwhile, in Muzaffarnagar, three social activists of the district have asked the district police to initiate criminal proceedings against Rizvi, who is a ‘repeat offender’.

The complaint alleges that the provocative post by Rizvi, who is again trying to ‘desecrate the holy Quran’, is aimed at ‘inciting riots and to cause misunderstanding between India and other countries’.

Former counsellor, Mohammad Faisal, along with Dilshad Ansari and Shahzad Qureshi, filed the police complaint against Rizvi.

“This man has been repeatedly trying to desecrate the holy Quran. He should be booked and sent to jail,” Faisal said.