UP college boundary collapses as chopper lands nearby


The boundary wall of a government school collapsed when the helicopter bringing BJP president J.P. Nadda landed nearby.

The incident took place on Tuesday and, apparently, the strong winds generated by the chopper’s landing caused the dilapidated boundary wall of the college to collapse. However, no injuries were reported due to the accident.

Visuals show the boundary wall collapsing due to the force of the wind from the chopper. The people can also be seen turning their backs, covering their faces and retreating because of the sudden gust of wind.

The video of the landing has since gone viral on social media, raising questions about the quality of educational infrastructure in the state. The BJP is banking on its development work to woo voters, but the college boundary wall collapsing because of a helicopter landing has raised questions on the authenticity of those claims.

The BJP president was in the district’s Phephna Assembly constituency to campaign for BJP candidate and state minister Upendra Tiwari.

A helipad was constructed for Nadda’s chopper landing at the Ratsar Inter College grounds.



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