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UP cops seek psychological profiling of Jeeva’s murder accused

The Lucknow police wants Vijay Yadav, the main accused in the murder of gangster Sanjeev Maheshwari Jeeva, to be psychologically profiled by forensic and medical experts.

The police are apparently not convinced by the replies of the 24-year-old regarding the motive behind the murder.

The accused, who has two criminal cases registered against him including one related to kidnapping of a minor girl for which he spent six months in jail, has told investigators that “an unidentified man” had promised to pay him Rs 20 lakh for killing the gangster.

He spoke no further on the subject.

“Psychological profiling will help investigators understand Vijay’s thought process before the police decide to go for other options to question him. During interrogation, Vijay started panting all of a sudden and stopped talking. The doctors attending him denied the permission to interrogate him further,” said a senior police official.

Vijay told interrogators that he was just given a photograph of the target (Sanjeev Maheshwari) and promised Rs 20 lakh, while he was given a petty sum of Rs 5,000 before coming to Lucknow and executing the crime.

Questioned on the motive, he said that “the person who had come to give him the money had told him that he was humiliated,” but he could not elaborate further.

“The replies given by the accused are highly unconvincing and it is clear that he is tryinh to hide the truth,” said the police official.

Meanwhile, the accused’s call detail records and mobile details are being scanned while police are profiling the antecedents of all those with whom Vijay Yadav kept in touch.

A senior officer added that Vijay will be taken on remand for questioning after medical approval. He was sent to jail on Thursday night after being discharged from the hospital.



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