UP Holi songs go saffron with vengeance

This year, the Holi festival in Uttar Pradesh has got an undeniable saffron hue with the BJP returning to power with a stunning majority.

The traditional ‘phaag’ and ‘hori’ folk songs have been given a political twist to rejoice the BJP’s victory in the recently-held Assembly polls and the lyrics have also been tweaked to include Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

They have become a rage on social media.

One such song says: “UP mein Yogi ka bhagwa phir lahraya hai, dekho Holi ka mausam aaya hai.”

Another one goes: “Sabke sath aur sabke vikas ne phir se kamal khilaya hai, ab phaag gaane ka mausam aaya hai.”

A composition by Pankaj Puri and R K, sung by singer Indal Nirala, has intricately woven the celebration rituals with Yogi and Modi in “Haath leke bhagwa wala rang ho. Holi khelo Yogi Modi sang ho; Masti wala thoda thoda bhang ho holi khelo Yogi Modi sang ho”.

Another song says: “Sab gundon ko uttar dena gundon ki hi boli mein keval bhagwa rang udana abki bari holi mein.”

Sung and written by Arjun Suryavanshi, the song goes: “Bhagwa rang mein rangi hai UP. Phir bhagwa lahrao rangon se bhar bhar ke pichkari ham toh aaj chalayenge.. aai hai Holi kesariya ham mil ke aaj manayenge.”

There are also other songs hailing Yogi, such as: “Bulldozer ki sarkar bani phir UP mein. Yogi ki jai jaikar hui phir UP mein.”

Sanjo Baghel, a folk singer who is a Yogi fan and BJP supporter, said: “Life is good under the BJP rule. Yogi has managed the law-and-order challenge effectively and I wanted to extend my tributes to him through my songs.”




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