UP: Man jumps off terrace, wife dies while trying to save him

A man suffered critical injuries when he jumped from the top floor of his residence and his wife, who ran after him to save him from falling, also fell and died.

The man suffered critical injuries while his wife died on the spot.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Central Zone, Rajesh Srivastava said that Sandeep, 30, of Ganeshganj returned home in a drunken state around 9 p.m. and fought with his wife Roli, 28, on this issue.

“He later jumped from the terrace to end his life. Seeing him jumping from the terrace, Roli ran after him to catch him and save him from falling. She, however, got dragged down due to the weight of Sandeep who had jumped off by then. Sandeep suffered critical injuries while Roli succumbed to the injuries,” said Srivastava.

Some locals heard the cries of help from children and reached the place. They took the couple to the hospital where Roli was declared brought dead and Sandeep was referred to the Trauma centre of the KGMU.

Police said that the couple used to fight daily over the same issue. Sandeep owned a small cart and sold eatable items.




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