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UP man kills son for not allowing him to watch cricket World Cup final

In a shocking incident, a 50-year-old man in Kanpur strangled his 24-year-old son to death for not letting him watch the World Cup final between India and Australia on November 19.

Chakeri police station incharge Jitendra Singh said: “Ganesh Nishad was so angry with his son, Deepak, for not letting him watch the final match on TV that he pinned him down in the living room of their house and then strangled him with a phone cable.”

Deepak, a carpenter, used to live with his parents in Sanjeev Nagar locality of Ahirwa in Kanpur’s Chakeri.

According to the police, Deepak was a habitual drunkard, due to which his wife had left him.

Meanwhile, Ganesh is also a drug addict and there used to be frequent disputes between the two, the police said.

During interrogation, Ganesh told the police that Deepak had come home under the influence of alcohol on Sunday when he was watching the match on TV.

Without a warning, Deepak switched off the TV and asked his father to cook food for him.

The wife of the accused had gone out of the house at the time.

Agitated over not being allowed to watch the crucial match, Ganesh rebuked his son and the two soon engaged in a fistfight.

He pinned Deepak down to the ground in the heat of the moment and strangled him to death with a phone cable, police said.

He was arrested and sent to jail on Tuesday.



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