UP Police now hunt for missing parrot

After the Uttar Pradesh Police launched a manhunt in 2014 to trace the missing buffaloes of the then UP Minister Mohd Azam Khan in Rampur and then went on to search for BJP leader Ram Shanker Katehria’s missing Labrador 2016 in Agra, the police are now searching for a grey African parrot with a red tail that has gone missing in Aligarh.

Well known orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. SC Varshney has lodged a complaint at the Kwarsi police station about the missing parrot.

Circle officer Anil Samaniya confirmed that the complaint has been registered at Kawarsi police station.

The owner has also distributed ‘missing’ pamphlets with a photograph of the pet.

A reward of Rs 5,000 is being offered for correct information about the missing bird.

According to the owner, the parrot named ‘Mitthu’ speaks English, calls out names and blows whistles.

The bird was all set to board a flight to London after completion of documentation work.

In the pamphlet, the owner has listed the qualities of the parrot that has an uncanny talent for accurately mimicking words and phrases.

“Mithu was bought by my daughter Saumya, who presently lives in London with her husband Rajat. Both are software engineers. Saumya is a bird lover. She had bought the African parrot almost two-and-a-half-years ago, online when she was in Bangalore,” said Varshney.

The couple moved to London and Saumya was preparing documents to take the bird to London.

The attachment between Saumya and the parrot was so great that she never confined the bird to a cage.

Meanwhile, a police officer said that tracking down a bird was a ‘near impossible task’ since it does not stay in one place.

“However, we are keeping an eye on bird markets and will catch if anyone tries to sell it off,” he said.