Wednesday, July 24, 2024

UP Police seek data mining experts’ help to identify Atiq’s illegal properties

The Prayagraj police have now called in data mining specialists who will work with manual and technical intelligence experts to identify slain gangster Atiq Ahmad’s empire of illegal and benami properties.

A team of expert cops are also keeping an eye on social media accounts of Atiq’s aides and supporters to identify and rein in any activity to revive Atiq’s gang and network.

It is worth mentioning that over three dozen persons, including white collar people, are under the scanner of police.

The task force constituted to identify Atiq’s properties, including benami ones, has questioned four realtors till now following which names of some new persons who were in contact with mafia brothers have surfaced.

Police officials said that Atiq has also made investments in projects of other realtors and builders. There may have been multiple bank transactions to accounts of Atiq and that of his kin during the past many years.

Moreover, I-T returns may also have been filed by firms related to Atiq and those of his close aides. In a bid to unearth cash transactions received and transferred to other bank accounts, help of data mining experts and special software is being taken.

The experts are analysing the bank account details of Atiq, his kin and associates, officials added.

DCP city Deepak Bhukar said besides collecting inputs about Atiq’s properties and assets manually, help of technical experts is also being taken. Experts are analysing bank account details, call details, I-T records, etc., to collect clues and inputs about Atiq’s properties, including benami ones.

In a recent success, police learnt about Atiq’s properties worth several crores in NCR region. Prayagraj police were in contact with officials in the NCR region, he added.



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