UP to bring out coffee table book on heritage trees

The UP State Biodiversity Board will be publishing a coffee table book featuring some of the heritage trees found in the state.

The coffee table book will include those heritage trees which have historical relevance, interesting anecdotes and a strong link with people given their mythological and religious significance. The state government has accorded the status of heritage trees to 943 trees in the state. Close to 130 heritage trees out of the total 943 have been shortlisted by the board.

The government spokesman said that “The content of the book is ready. It got delayed because of the corona curfew. The information on the rest of the trees will also be printed by the board.”

The coffee table book will include the exact location of the trees so that interested people can visit the spot. The book would also be of a great use for researchers,

The state government is also planning to develop each of these spots as an ecotourism site.

In November 2019, the UP government had issued an order to identify heritage trees found in the state.

The heritage trees are ones that have grown on community land and public land. The list of heritage trees, containing 28 species, includes peepal (421), banyan (355) and pakar (57).

Varanasi has a maximum 99 heritage trees followed by Prayagraj that has 53 trees on the list.