UP to start solar rooftop projects

The Uttar Pradesh government has decided to develop solar rooftop projects on government and semi-government buildings and offices in the state as part of its new renewable energy initiative.

The department of New and Renewable Energy Development Agency (NEDA), the nodal body, has already invited online bids from prospective bidders for designing, manufacturing, supply, erecting, testing, and commissioning of 25-2,000 kw grid-connected solar PV projects on government buildings and offices.

The selected contractors will also be responsible for maintaining and operating the rooftop solar projects for 25 years.

According to the government spokesman, ‘NEDA has also invited a pre-bid conference on October 10 to take note of suggestions that the prospective bidders may have to make.’

The rooftop systems will be implemented as per the Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Authority (UPERC) RSPV Regulations, 2019, and its amendments.

A rooftop solar PV essentially refers to the grid-interactive solar photovoltaic power system installed on the rooftops of consumer premises that uses sunlight for direct conversion into electricity through photo-voltaic technology.

The project is proposed to be executed under the Renewable Energy Service Company (RESCO) model on a net-billing/net-metering basis.

Under the RESCO model, bidders intend to take a rooftop owned by some other entity on mutually agreed terms and conditions, including a lease agreement, from the rooftop owner(s) and enter into the PPA with the rooftop owner for the supply of solar power for 25 years. As per such agreements, the rooftop owners do not have to make any upfront payment.

‘The scheme aims to reduce fossil fuel-based electricity and thereby, the carbon footprint. This scheme, with an aggregate capacity of 50 MW throughout the state, envisages installation of grid-connected rooftop solar PV projects,’ the spokesman said.




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