UP universities to adopt grading systems

The higher education department in Uttar Pradesh has prepared a 10-point grading system for three UG courses – BA, B. Sc and B. Com – in state universities.

The move is in consonance with NEP and aims at assessing learning goals.

Principal Secretary, Higher Education, Monika Garg has asked universities, including those run privately, to implement the grading system.

According to the system, a student scoring between 91 and 100 in any course/paper of any major, minor subject, co-curricular and vocational subjects will be awarded a grade point of 10 and grade letter of O (Outstanding).

Subsequent grade points will be awarded on the basis of scores obtained by the student.

Those scoring below 33 per cent in major or minor subjects will be treated as failed with grade point zero. For co-curricular and vocational subjects, the passing percentage is 40.

Job-oriented courses will have a maximum score of 100, with 60 for training and practical work and 40 for theory papers.

Minimum passing marks for these courses will be 40 per cent.

However, irrespective of the students’ result in the odd semester, they will be promoted to the even semester.

However, in the even semester, students who have passed minimum 50 per cent of the credit papers (both theory and practical) in both semesters and those who have scored 50 per cent of the credit papers of major subjects (in both semesters) will be promoted to next year.

For promotion to third year, a student will have to pass the requisite 46 credit papers and qualify co-curricular courses.

For internal examination, there will be no improvement and back paper. No student will be allowed to appear for the back paper of two previous semesters simultaneously.

Based on the number of credits scored in a specific course in a semester and the grade points scored, a semester grade point average (SGPA) will be calculated. Using this SGPA, cumulative grade point average (CGPA) will be assessed.




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