UP woman shot dead by jilted lover


In a tragic incident, a young woman was allegedly shot dead by a married man in the Nagla Lalman village after she refused to continue her relationship with him.

The accused has been arrested by the police and sent to judicial custody after being produced in court.

Kalpana, 21, was found shot dead in the field on Friday evening, around 300 meters from her house, after she had gone to relieve herself.

Police said that the suspect, Ajab Singh, 28, allegedly shot her after heated arguments over her recent engagement with another person.

As the woman was not ready to continue her four year old relationship with him, he got furious and reportedly shot her dead with a country-made weapon.

Mainpuri Superintendent of Police Avinash Pandey said that during interrogation, Ajab Singh told police that he called the woman on the night of the incident but she disconnected the call and when he again tried to connect with her, her cell phone was busy.

Next morning, the woman asked him to meet her in the fields.

Ajab reportedly tried to convince her not to marry but she refused and even asked him to end their relationship.

After hearing this, Ajab got aggressive and shot her dead with a country made weapon, which he had recently bought.

Ajab even made a plan to put the blame on the girl’s brothers by trying to give it a colour of honour killing.

Ajab initially told the police that the woman’s brother, Avadhpal, had seen him with his sister in the fields and had killed her. He claimed that subsequently, the brother and his four associates beat him up and forcibly took him away in an Omni van. Later, they dropped him in the Bilhaur area, where he was admitted for treatment.

The SP said that his story about being taken in the van was found incorrect as the CCTV footage of the area which was scanned by them, did not find any such evidence.