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Upcoming auction to extend assistance to victims of terror

Mumbai, Dec 6 (IANS) The Whos Who of Mumbai will gather at a Black Tie Charity Ball on December 15 for a live auction to extend assistance to victims of terror, natural disasters, members of the armed forces and other services who demonstrate bravery in their line of work.

The event will be held at the iconic Taj Mahal Palace, a defining city structure that turns 115 this year. The charitable evening will be coupled with jazz, music and fine food, the hotel said in a statement.

The live auction will feature art pieces donated and auctioned by Delhi-based art house DAG. Taj Mahal Palace said in a statement that the complete proceeds of the auction will be donated to the Taj Public Service Welfare Trust (TPSWT), which was founded in the aftermath of the Mumbai terror attack in 2008. The hotel had been extensively damaged in the attack.

On the occasion, the hotel will also be launching a signature collection of 100 Limited Edition 18-karat gold commemorative timepieces by Nebula. Five of these watches will also be sold as a part of the charity auction, the statement added.



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