UP’s first skywalk to come up in Chitrakoot

Uttar Pradesh will get its first glass skywalk at the Tulsi waterfall in Chitrakoot.

The UP Forest Corporation (UPFC) has proposed making the glass skywalk bridge over the waterfall in the Markundi range of the Chitrakoot forest division.

It was initially called Shabri waterfall but earlier this year, the state government changed its name to Tulsi waterfall.

The site has at least three streams of water falling through the rocks and over a height of some 40 feet in a wide waterbed and further down to finally vanish into the jungle.

As people walk over the bridge, the sound of the water falling on the rocks can be heard.

The glass skywalk will also give a view of the forest underneath.

The number of tourists visiting the place is likely to rise manifold once the glass walk is completed.

The project also proposes a rock garden, cactus garden and view shades near the waterfall as ecotourism add-ons.

The inspiration for the project has come from Bihar’s skywalk glass bridge in Rajgir.

The forest department spokesman said that they will soon get in touch with the consultants who designed Bihar’s glass bridge which was inaugurated in 2020 and was the country’s second of its kind project.

The first glass skywalk bridge was made in Assam.

The forest corporation had initially identified Rajdari-Devdari waterfalls on the Chandraprabha River in Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary in Chandauli, as the place is full of scenic beauty, but then it was the Tulsi waterfall of Chitrakoot that was finally picked up for the project.




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