Upset Kuldeep Bishnoi wants Rahul to speak to him

Upset over not becoming the Congress president in Haryana, Kuldeep Bishnoi has been posting cryptic tweets and sources close to him revealed that he wants Rahul Gandhi to speak to him regarding the newly appointed state president. He wants clarification on why he was overlooked by the party.

Since the announcement of the new state president, Bishnoi has been upset with the top brass of the party and showing his anger in public, he formed his own party only to return to the Congress. This time he is seen as the leader of the anti-Hooda front in the state Congress.

The Congress, through emissaries, has reached out to a sulking Bishnoi but to no avail. He is adamant on seeking an explanation from the party.The internal rift in the Haryana Congress has widened after Congress General Secretary Randeep Surjewala came out openly in support of Kuldeep Bishnoi.

Since Udai Bhan, a known Hooda supporter, has been appointed as party chief, Kuldeep Bishnoi has been unhappy but a controversy was stoked when Surjewala, who is close to Rahul Gandhi, said that Bishnoi would have been a good president.

Surjewala had said that the “party has decided to appoint Udai Bhan. I wish him good luck but I think Kuldeep Bishnoi could have been a good president as he is capable and talented. The party needs leaders like Bishnoi. I hope that Congress leadership talks to him and responsibility will be given to him.”

Bishnoi had tweeted after Udai Bhan was appointed president: “Friends, I have been reading your comments on social media. I am extremely emotional receiving your immense love, and I am as much angry as you all are. But I pray to all of you that until I get a reply from Rahulji, we should not take any step. If you love me, then please be patient.”

He was a leading candidate for the top position in Haryana and was assured of either becoming the state party president or the Leader of Opposition in the state assembly.

Bishnoi had met Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra but the decision ultimately favoured the Hooda camp as Bhan is said to be a close loyalist of Bhupinder Singh Hooda.

As Congress announced the appointment of the Haryana party chief, it also named four state unit working presidents.




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