Upshots of ‘Meet The Champion’ programme will be visible soon in coming years, says Olympian archers Atanu, Deepika

India’s archery stars Deepika Kumari and Atanu Das kicked off the ‘Meet The Champion’ Programme here on Tuesday. More than 300 students from 75 schools across the district attended the interactive session on ‘Santulit Aahar’, fitness and sports.

During the meet, the Olympian archers stressed upon how important it is for everyone to include a balanced diet in our regular diet. In this regard, Deepika said, “The kind of lifestyle gradually growing among the majority of the population is posing a threat to health. It is a great initiative of our PM where he has chosen sportspersons to interact with the younger generation and explain them how a healthy diet and fit lifestyle will always help one physically as well as mentally.”

She also shared about her childhood habits when there was a time that she used to hate green vegetables and salads but today that’s a part of her regular diet. “It is actually all about understanding the requirements of our body and taking care of it. It’s difficult to grow a habit of eating things which we don’t like but once you start loving your body, you will start doing it,” she added.

Meanwhile, referring to an animated character of a video played in the programme, the 30-year-old Arjuna Awardee Atanu said, “I was never a Healthy Ram and still can’t be one throughout the year. So, I enjoy my cheat days sometimes. Otherwise, I am very clear about my goal in life which can be achieved only with healthy habits.”




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