Tuesday, July 23, 2024

US, France envoys pay tributes to Mahatma Gandhi

Ambassadors of the US and France on Monday paid tributes to Mahatma Gandhi on his 154th birth anniversary.

“On Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, I’m deeply moved by his enduring legacy. His message of non-violence remains a beacon of hope for equality and justice worldwide.

“#Gandhi’s profound influence on Dr. Martin Luther King and the U.S. civil rights movement reminds us of the power of his ideals,” US ambassador Eric Garcetti posted on X.

The French embassy also paid tributes to the Father of the Nation. I

“On #GandhiJayanti, Ambassador-designate Thierry Mathou and everyone at the Embassy pay tribute to the Mahatma and the values of peace, tolerance and non-violence that he staunchly upheld.

“Gandhiji is deeply admired in France, as reflected in statues in Strasbourg and VaurĂ©al,” the embassy posted on X, saying,



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