US hints at resuming cooperation on counter-terrorism with Pak

The US has condemned the terror attack in the University of Karachi targeting Chinese nationals last week and has hinted at resuming cooperation with Pakistan on counter-terrorism and border security, media reports said.

The Karachi attack, which left three Chinese nationals and their Pakistani driver dead, was a major setback for Pakistan, but the country has also faced several attacks from across the border since August 2021 when the Taliban took over Afghanistan, Samaa TV reported.

Before the American withdrawal, Pakistan and the US had been coordinating border-control of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border at various levels and with a varying degree of success for years, the report said.

US State Department spokesperson Ned Price was asked a question about the terror attack in Karachi and the US security assistance for Pakistan, which was suspended by the previous Donald Trump administration.

Ned Price first condemned the terror attack and then discussed resumption of security cooperation.

“We strongly condemned the terrorist attack at Karachi University, and we reiterate that condemnation today. A terrorist attack anywhere is an affront to humanity, but for a terrorist attack to take place at a university, or at a religious site, or at some of the locations we’ve seen recently – that is a true affront to mankind,” he said.

Speaking about security cooperation, the State Department spokesperson said, “We value our bilateral relationship. We want to continue to work together in areas where we do share mutual interest with our Pakistani partners. That includes counter-terrorism. That includes border security as well,” Samaa TV reported.




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