‘US hopes N.Korea will respond positively to outreach for dialogue’

The US continues to hope that North Korea will respond positively to its outreach for dialogue, a State Department spokesperson said.

“We have made clear through our public messaging and private messaging as well that we are ready, willing and able to engage in this diplomacy,” Yonhap News Agency quoted spokesman Ned Price as saying at a press briefing on Tuesday.

“And we are we continue to hope the DPRK will respond positively to that outreach,” he added.

DPRK stands for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the North’s official name.

His remarks come amid a growing view that President Joe Biden’s administration, after months of being ignored by North Korea, may have gone back to the so-called “strategic patience” approach of the former Barack Obama administration.

Price dismissed the view, saying the Biden administration remains ready to meet with North Korea at any time.

“We’ve made clear in recent months that we harbour no hostile intent towards the DPRK. And as you alluded to, we continue to be prepared to meet without preconditions,” he said when asked if the US was continuing to reach out to the North.

“We hope the DPRK will respond positively to our outreach, all the while we’re continuing to consult closely with our allies, the ROK, Japan, other allies and partners about how we might engage the DPRK,” he added, referring to South Korea by its official name, the Republic of Korea.

North Korea has remained unresponsive to US overtures since the Biden administration took office in January.

It has also stayed away from denuclearization negotiations since 2019.




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