Monday, April 15, 2024

US Kids goes digital to showcase golfers achievements through seamless credential management

The US Kids Golf India, the premier organization for junior golfers in the country, is delighted to announce its partnership with ‘ItsCredible’, an innovative digital credentialing platform.

This partnership signifies a pivotal step in digitizing the recognition of our young golfers’ achievements, ensuring lifelong validity and seamless credential management.

US Kids Golf events are now held in North and Southern parts of India and in three other countries, in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. The Tour will spread more Asian countries in 2024 and lead to an US Kids Golf Asian Tour.

The digital platform will be made available across all local and National events of US Kids India and Asia events.

Expressing enthusiasm, Rajesh Srivastava, President of US Kids Golf India, said: “Our mission has always been to nurture young golfing talent on a global scale. Going digital with our credentialing management means enhanced recognition and a streamlined and digitally adept approach to managing and showcasing the achievements of our junior golfers. ‘ItsCredible’ promises benefits such as instant verification, easy accessibility, and a technology-driven solution that aligns with our commitment to providing unparalleled opportunities for young talents.”

He added, “US Kids Golf India conducts prestigious tournaments drawing young golf enthusiasts nationwide. Participants of these tournaments will now receive digital certificates of achievement.”

Additionally, the top 5 performers in each category will be awarded the prestigious “Certificate of Merit.” This will empower young golfers to effortlessly showcase their accomplishments to colleges, universities, and future prospects, unlocking doors to exciting opportunities in the world of golf and beyond.

Mukesh Sharma, Founder of ‘ItsCredible’, added, “Teaming up with US Kids Golf India, an organization that shares our passion for nurturing young talent, fills us with pride. Through our platform, we provide a seamless and secure digital credentialing experience. Our goal is to empower these young athletes not only in their golfing achievements but also to equip them with the tools to succeed in the digital era, setting the stage for promising futures.”



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