US Marines deliver Christmas gifts to rescued children at Chennai NGO

The US Marines have delivered gifts including toys to around 50 children housed in an NGO in Chennai. The gift is part of the US Marine’s Toys for Tots programme which is an initiative to brighten the lives of children who are in need.

This is the 75th anniversary of the US Marine Corps Reserve’s ‘Toys for Tots’ programme, a global initiative intended to spread a message of hope and caring during Christmas.

The US Marines distributed gifts, school supplies, sports equipment, clothes and even Tamil books for around 50 children who are sheltered in Arunodaya Centre for Street and Working Children, a Chennai-based organisation for elimination of child labour in all forms.

The child welfare organisation is working for protecting street children and for children who have been victims of child abuse.

Virgil D. Sami, founder, Arunodhaya Centre for Street and Working Children said that the children could choose the toys and were elated at the gesture of the US Marines.

The Consul General of the US Consulate, Chennai, Judith Ravin said that Virgil D. Sami was committed to the shared vision for a just society in which every child enjoys a childhood assured of rights with dignity and happiness.




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