US polices could see spike in asylum seekers

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Although the number of Haitians showing up at the border has declined in recent weeks, there are signs that trouble could be brewing over the horizon. An intelligence report warns of another influx of asylum seekers crossing into Canada from the US.

The US is said to be on the verge of ending Temporary Protection Status for citizens of El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, Honduras and Syria leaving an estimated 320,000 people who could show up here unannounced.

All this is expected to happen around January and March of 2018, when the Trump administration will be assessing whether TPS should remain in place for various countries. An extension for Syria, where violent conflict continues to rage, is being pegged as “somewhat likely.”

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The loophole allowing illegal migrants to walk across the border and claim asylum on arrival has prompted thousands to make that trip and potentially hundreds of thousands more who could show up here. If that were to happen, it could overwhelm Canada and create a major political and social disruption. – CINEWS

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