US shares responsibility for gun violence in Mexico: FM

The US shares responsibility for gun violence in Mexico, which is why the Mexican government filed a lawsuit against 11 American arms manufacturers and dealers, Foreign Affairs Minister Marcelo Ebrard said here.

“The US, particularly its arms manufacturing companies, is jointly responsible for the violence and the difficulties we are experiencing in our country. That is why (we filed) this strategic litigation,” Ebrard said on Wednesday.

“We see this strategic litigation as a substantive defence in terms of the narrative and explanation of this criminal and violent phenomenon,” the Minister added.

According to a National Survey of Victimization and Perception of Public Security in Mexico, more than 3.9 million crimes were committed using US-made weapons in 2019.

In addition, seven out of every 10 weapons trafficked in the country come from the US, due to a series of “negligent and intentional” practices by American companies that manufacture and distribute weapons, according to the Mexican government.

On August 4, the Mexican government filed a lawsuit at a federal court in Boston, Massachusetts, against the 11 arms manufacturing and distribution companies that it accuses of contributing to arms trafficking through their commercial practices.

As the plaintiff, Mexico is seeking financial compensation for damages resulting from arms trafficking, as well as a change in the business practices of the companies.