Users report Google Calendar bug creating random events

Tech giant Google’s time-management and scheduling calendar service ‘Google Calendar’ is reportedly creating random events based on emails and newsletters from Gmail.

There is no clear pattern of this bug, but it does seem that emails with dates mentioned might be the trigger, reports 9To5Google.

A common event noted by several users is a “U.S. Financial Privacy Notice” which displays as an all-day calendar event as well as a reminder notification on Android smartphones with the same title.

Additionally, newsletters also appear to be triggering these events.

Taking to Twitter, several users reported the issue.

While one user said, “My @googlecalendar has started creating random events based on emails I’ve gotten a only it’s just like, random marketing content and newsletters”, another commented, “Random bug(?) in @googlecalendar. A bunch of random emails are showing up as events in my calendar.”

The exact cause is still not clear, but users might fix this by heading into Google Calendar settings under Settings > Events from Gmail. This should stop the events from being created when turning off the checkbox for ‘Automatically add events from Gmail to my calendar,’ the report said.




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