Vaccine strategy is no less than demonetisation: Rahul


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday attacked the Centre’s vaccine strategy and alleged it’s akin to demonetisation.

“Union government’s vaccine strategy is not less than the demonetisation… common people will queue up… will bear the loss of wealth, health and life… and at the end only a few corporates will get the benefit,” Rahul Gandhi tweeted in Hindi.

The Congress on Tuesday had criticised the vaccine policy. The Congress had alleged that the Union government is running away from its responsibilities and the modified vaccine policy will overburden the states and lead to profiteering but the Union government has finally acknowledged the problem of vaccine shortage and other deficiencies in the current vaccine policy.

“Under the modified vaccine policy the Union government is running away from taking responsibility; it overburdens the states, encourages vaccine manufacturers to profiteer, and will worsen the inequality between states as well as between poor and rich Indians. Nowhere in the world has any government left its vaccination programme to be determined by the vagaries of market forces, and for good reason,” Chidambaram had said on Tuesday.