Vana to become ‘Six Senses Vana’ wellness retreat

New Delhi, June 2 (IANSlife) For nearly over a decade now after serving as a sanctuary for rebalancing, healing, and learning, based on its aspiration to help guests achieve the best spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual potential. Vana – a wellness retreat in Dehradun, Uttarakhand announce its journey to become “Six Senses Vana – a wellness retreat” by autumn, this year.

Never shy of defying convention, Six Senses has built its success on its commitment to wellness, and the goal is to work with Vana’s team to weave in new experiences to the existing formula offered by the retreat and bring it to a broader global audience. From mantras to meditation, massages and activating the mula bandha, Six Senses Vana will lead guests with a soft heart yet steely hand to a profound and purposeful transformation.

Vana’s Founder, Veer Singh says “Vana becoming Six Senses Vana is the most natural and logical progression for this precious and beautiful retreat. I am humbled by the care and sensitivity Six Senses has shown to protect and nurture everything good about Vana. I am excited to see how they will deepen and strengthen our current offering and complement it with signature experiences they have successfully tried and tested around the world. I see no reason why Six Senses Vana will not become what we set out to be when Vana first opened – the most iconic wellness retreat in the world.”

“With its ancient healing traditions and spiritual practices, India has long been heralded as the ultimate wellness gateway and, in a gentle but intentional way, this plays to who we are too,” says CEO of Six Senses Neil Jacobs. “Vana comes to us with a strong philosophy and loyal Vanavasi clientele manifested by founder Veer Singh. The seed was sown in Veer’s mind through his deep interest in and respect for sustainable farming, traditional wisdom, and nature, which we will continue to nurture under the Six Senses brand. This marriage made in the Himalayas allows us to build on what exists with some of our signature experiences.”

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